Pool Maintenance Service

A swimming pool can be a great way to relax during the hot summer days with friends and family members. Your pool however requires some work to keep it healthy to relax and swim in. The PH level has to be regulated, skimming of leaves, the filters emptied and chemicals to add. If you have the time and energy to carry out this maintenance routine then by all means do. But if not, hire the services of a pool company like pool service naples to handle this task.

What is a Pool Service?

Some people have the do-it-yourself attitude and feel very alive when they tackle their household problems head on with their own hands and tools; likewise in pool care. Others prefer to hire someone else to take care of their pool for reasons best known to them.

A large amount of swimming pool companies provide pool care services to their clients after installation at an extra cost, usually on a weekly basis. These services may include balancing chemicals throughout the pool, scrubbing of the walls and steps, skimming the water surface for leaves and trash and giving the pool the best appearance. Prior to the installation of your pool, you should check whether the pool company offers these services after installation. This is better because they installed the pool so they should know the pool better and should know how to handle it to bring out the best possible appearance.

Pool Service in naples florida

Sometimes you might decide to shut down the pool completely for a long period of time, probably because of a long trip or some other reason. This involves draining the water from the pool, cleaning the water out of the pump, removing the diving board and ladder and then covering up the pool. A pool service can be hired for this task. When re-opening is required, the assistance of a pool service will come in handy. Opening the pool involves removing the cover, treating the pool with chlorine, re-installing the water pump and filter, the ladder and diving board.

The price of these services will vary from pool to pool and from one service provider to another. The factors that influence the price of these services are:

  • The size of your swimming pool. A large swimming pool will contain more water than a smaller one, thus more chemicals will be used in treatment. Also, brushing of the walls and steps will take longer. These relates to more charge for chemicals and labor.
  • The consistency dictates how much you need the pool service. A frequently used pool will require more care in a month.
  • The more sophisticated your pool is in terms of equipment like filter systems, vacuum cleaners and skimmers, the lesser the charge.
  • The location of your residence may also affect your charge. The pool service company may include fuel in the charge if they had to drive a long distance to get to you.


Before hiring a pool service, ensure that their services are covered by insurance and find out the number of years they have been around. There are perfect pool care service providers out there, a little investigation will reveal them.

Interviewing the service provider and the employees is also a good idea. Find out if they are experienced and if they can handle the type of pool you have. Ask neighbors and friends who have pools to recommend good pool service they have utilized.

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